Gan Dalf

Gan started her tattooing journey in 2019. In her short time tattooing, she has advanced artistically at a faster pace than most. Her work speaks for itself, showing how advanced she is for the short amount of time she has been tattooing.
Originally from Poughkeepsie, NY, Gan joined the Pastime Tattoo family in 2021, and now commutes to the shop from Sonoma, CA. If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is.
Gan has quite the distinct style of her own. Her work, always having a traditional tattoo style as the foundation, often contains intricate, dark, folky vibes, with a specifically consitent color pallet. Gan’s tattoos and flash are often her own interpretations of animals, often with added decorative adornments. A style of her own for sure!
Gan , in her off time, finds herself taking her pup on adventures, hanging out with her cats, going out for food and drinks with her boyfriend Loren, and shooting at the range.
Click below to browse some of Gan’s flash!

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