Your Pastime Tattoo experience begins here

I will be a customer at Pastime Tattoo until there's no free space left on my body for their artwork.

Eden B

A solid shop run by amazing people!

Camaera M

If you're looking for a spot for your first tattoo, a big piece, just some flash, this is the place to be!

Heather W

I love the vibe here & everyone is friendly! Go check out this place, they have a lot of flash all over the walls and ceiling. There's so many to choose from!

Rebeca F

This is such a great shop. All the artists are super professional and talented. If you're looking for a shop the specializes in traditional American tattoo art, this is the place.

Bobby M

Atmosphere of the shop was everything you'd want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Plus, the artists' work covered the walls, so you notice the talent as soon as you walk in.

Ariana R