Nate Burrow

Nate, a veteran and the Co-Owner of Pastime Tattoo. Nate is a Bay Area native, born and raised. He started tattooing in 2011 and specializes in a style he likes to call illustrative traditional. Holding true to the values of traditional style tattoos with bold lines and saturdated colors with a illustrative inspiration to his designs, tattoos, paintings and artwork.

Over the last 11 years of his career, he has tattooed in different states and different countries. Under different shop banners and at all kinds of conventions. In “street shops” and private studios. While learning from many of his co-workers and shop owners through the years. Enjoying every minute of it! Nate continues to strive to better himself and his craft daily.

Like the late Sailor Jerry said, “I haven’t done my best yet, just my best so far!”

When he's not tattooing, you can catch him spending time with his family and pup Gunner, at a San Jose Sharks game, at a local music venue, in the gym exercising, outdoors exploring or riding his motorcycle.

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